Corporate history
1992 Launched convention business at Japan Excel-Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (JEMCO).
1993 Co-organized “International Auto Recycling Technology Show” with Daily Automotive News.
1995 Co-organized “International Auto Recycling Technology Show” with Daily Automotive News.
1996 Co-organized “Automotive Advanced Technology EXPO” and “Auto Repair & Maintenance Show” with Daily Automotive News.
Started publishing “Car Detailing News”.
Took charge of planning and operating of “RV Show Osaka”.
1997 Co-organized “Car Maintenance and Detailing Fair” with Daily Automotive News.
Tokyo secretariat of “Osaka Outdoor Festival”.
1999 Secretariat of “Osaka Motor Show”.
Operated “Osaka Imported Automobile Show”.
2000 Organized New Technologies Fair for the Environment and for Recycling - “Eco-recycling 2000”.
2001 Secretariat of “Supermarket Trade Show”.
Operated as Tokyo secretariat of “Welfare”.
2002 Organized “International Auto Aftermarket EXPO”.
Convention division became an independent company JEMCO Cooperations Co., Ltd.
2004 Started publishing “Rebuilt Parts Yearbook”.
Operated as Japan agent for “Shanghai International Parking Equipment and Intelligent System EXPO 2004”.
2005 Established trade show stand design & building division.
2007 Established media & creative division for communication tools such as website and publishing.
Operated as overseas secretariat of “Auto Service Show”.
2008 Organized “International Auto Materials & Processing Technologies Tokyo”.
Started consulting business and lecturing about automotive and event related field.
2009 Organized “Auto Aftermarket 2009 Okinawa” and “Automotive Telecommunication Technology Tokyo”
2010 Established JC Resonance Co., Ltd. Business transferred from JEMCO Cooperations Co., Ltd.
Organized “Auto Aftermarket 2010 Kumamoto”.
2011 Started providing “Lotus News” publishing service under contract.
Organized “Smart Mobility Asia”.
2012 Held “The 1st Auto Aftermarket Summit”.
Established “The Auto After Market Liaison Council”.
Organized “Auto Aftermarket 2012 Okinawa” and “Eco-car Fair in Okinawa”.
Organized “Mobile IT Asia”.
2013 Started providing “BS Summit News” editing service under contract.
Secretariat of “Clean Life Vision 21”.
Established “Advanced Auto After Business Consortium” and provided secretariat and management services.
Provided ITS world congress joint event “Proving Test” operation service from Cabinet Office under contract.
2015 Planned and operated “Docomo Automotive Business Solution Summit”.
Osaka branch became an independent company.
2016 Established “Aftermarket Suppliers Activation Committee” and provided secretariat and management services.
Started publishing “Automotive Prime News”.
Started website operation “Car Care Plus” for consumers.
Organized “International Coin-operated Laundry EXPO”.
Established “The Smart Mobility Promotion Consortium” and provided secretariat and management services.
Provided publishing “Tokyo IT Newspaper” service under contract.
2017 Organized “Clean Business Forum”.
Corporate information
Company Name:  JC Resonance Co., Ltd.
President and CEO:  Hiroshi Matsunaga
Office:  3-3-2, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
104-0045, Japan
TEL. 03-5565-1642
FAX. 03-5565-6909