We connect people, leading them to a new idea.
We aim to offer the best matching by utilizing our abundant business networks cultivated through our various activities and build a new network shifting away from the old structure.

We provide management and secretariat services and support various organizations.

  • Auto Aftermarket Liaison Council
    The Auto After Market Liaison Council aims to realize a car life that is safer, more reassuring and economical for car users and achieve further growth of the aftermarket industry in order to help consumers to drive a car more comfortably.
  • Advanced Auto After Business Consortium
    The Next Generation Auto After Business Study Group will contribute to the revitalization of the automobile-related industry as a whole by acting as an organization to explore the next generation of auto after business and collaborating with new partners based on specific themes.
  • Aftermarket Suppliers Activation Committee
    This Committee plays an active role in offering study sessions and communication activities through inviting leading auto parts suppliers not only to learn sales and marketing techniques for more advanced repair parts but also explore other products and services.
  • The Smart Mobility Promotion Consortium
    The Consortium pursues early practical applications of more advanced mobility services by conducting experiments for the development of safer, more convenient services using communication networks and AI technologies on the Ito Campus of Kyushu University.