We provide advisory and consulting services for various organizations and companies.
We analyze the current situation from a perspective of third-party verification based on our unique, industry-specific know-how. Based on that, we derive the "truly necessary verification".
Furthermore, the scope of our services expands further namely from industry trends analysis, problem solving, provision of recommendations and suggestions to brand building that maximizes competitive advantage and differentiates from the competition.
Meanwhile, we also provide lectures given by our representative and instructors using IT-related networks, etc. These lectures are also available overseas.

Consulting, business support service to stimulate business enterprise, planning and delivering lectures, lecturers’ arrangement.

  • Consulting is to identify the root cause of business problems our clients face and find solutions, though this is not so easy. That said, amid globalization and the average lifespan of business models is decreasing, and thus companies are forced to undergo significant changes, we, as an external partner, analyze business conditions in an objective and calm manner from a third-party perspective and provide the best optimized solutions for our clients. We not only propose but also put the solutions into action and help our clients to solve their problems.