Publishing & Creativity

We support various forms of communication.
We contribute to the revitalization of the industry through developing creative tools for brand building and providing information through media.
Our mission is to fully convey the client's intention and we believe that expression is a mere means to fulfill our mission.

Design, website building and operation, editing and publishing etc.

  • Car Detailing News
    The Car Detailing News, launched in 1996, is an industry newspaper specialized in the car detailing business. With the aim of contributing to further and sound development of the industry, we provide information and promote the activation of the related industries.
  • Car Care Plus
    This site posts the names of reliable detailing and auto-body shops in Japan and offers high quality information regarding repairing, customization, maintenance as well as event news to those who love and treasure their cars. This site made its debut as a sibling site of the largest car portal site "Response".
  • Rebuilt Parts Yearbook
    The Rebuilt Parts Yearbook is Japan’s only yearbook specialized in rebuilt parts, which are expected to attract more attention, going forward. This yearbook provides information to the readers who are involved in a wide range of automotive businesses.